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Special Skills

·       Excellent leadership, management, organizational, project planning and budgetary skills

·       Excellent writing and communications skills

·       Good working knowledge of engineering management practices in IT environment

·       Excellent knowledge of systems theory and analysis concepts

·       Excellent teaching skills in business, science, and computer literacy

·       Extensive knowledge and experience with various computing hardware and software systems       that  include mainframe, minicomputer and microcomputers


Full-time Experience

President Edu-Tek (2013-current) ...... http://edu-tek.org/

Edu-Tek is a not-for-profit organization engaged in activities to preserve the earth’s natural environment.  Such activities include client education, consulting, information technology application and training, and field work.  The main purpose of Edu-talk is to help establish, participate in and support  environmental conservation programs for the benefit of all living systems.

Secretary, co-owner Carmor, LLC (2010-current)

The purpose of this company is to maintain, update and rent/lease apartments located in the Little Italy area of Chicago, IL.

Acting Executive Director of University Computing (2000-2004 retired), Director of Academic Computing (1995-2000); served fully in both positions since January 2001, Northeastern Illinois University (Chicago, IL)

Northeastern Illinois University is a comprehensive state university that has a student population of 10,400 and 932 faculty and staff.  The university offers more than 80 undergraduate and graduate majors.  In addition to the main campus, there are three remote campuses linked via voice, data and video. 

Provide leadership, coordination and support for the effective application of information technologies to the instructional, research and service missions of the University.  Have line responsibility for University Computing Services, and responsible for planning, development and implementation of the institutional computing and information technology programs and activities. Have direct responsibility for Administrative Information Systems, Academic Computing/Media Services, Networking & Distributed Services, and Telecommunications/Help Desk. These units operate in support of the development, operation and expansion of the institutional instructional and information technology infrastructure.

·       Developed and implemented first functional organization structure of University Computing Services (UCS) where all IT departments are now under central, coordinated control.

·       Defined, created, and staffed the:

o      Academic Computing Department for systems and student support,

o      Client Service Center for computer literacy training for faculty and staff,

o      New Media Center to maintain and update official University Web pages and develop new media,

o      Distance Education Department that provides interactive educational audio-video services through the North Suburban Higher Education Consortium, and the

o      Security Task Unit responsible for all IT security within University Computing’s service domain.

·       Set specifications for and project managed first UNIX host system on campus. Planned and implemented (with staff) first WiFi hotspot and live Webcam on campus.

·       Directed collaborative effort in drafting the University Acceptable Use Policy, Internet/Email Account Policy, Copyright Policy, Contingency Recovery Plan , the university Internet/WWW policy, and the University Computing Services web site (http://orion.neiu.edu/~ucompute/).

·       Established campus microcomputer hardware and software standards.

·       Administered and participated in the development of an RFP and project management of high-speed (OC3) connection on campus for access to North Suburban Higher Education Consortium and to the Internet through the Illinois Century Network; in the conceptual design, project management, development, and implementation of student-learner centered computing  laboratories and Teaching Enhanced Classrooms; in project specification and management replacing VAX/Unix/mainframe applications from Governor State University Educational Computing Network (ECN) to in-house Unix and LAN systems, in business re- engineering, systems design and project management of student- faculty- staff Email/Internet Account Management System; in the specification development and implementation of the first communications server (Cisco) for dial-in access to campus.

·       Served as member of  State Universities Civil Service System IT Work Study Committee reviewing and updating state IT personnel classifications.

Director of Academic Computing/Associate Professor of Computer Science (1984- 1995) Winthrop University (Rock Hill, SC)

Winthrop University is a state university that has  80 undergraduate and 41 graduate degree programs. Winthrop University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award bachelor, master and specialist degrees. Winthrop has 100 percent national accreditation in all eligible academic programs.  It is among only the top comprehensive teaching colleges and universities in the state to reach that level of accreditation.  The university has over 5000 students and over 500 faculty and staff.

Responsible for all campus instructional and research computing services to faculty and staff.

·       Managed Academic Computing, Media Services and Distance Education departments.

·       Created organizational structure, staffed positions for Academic Computing Department.

·       Planned, acquired funding, and implemented (with team) campus Local Area Network with consequent changes in university organizational structure.

·       Was principal investigator for NSF grant to connect Winthrop campus LAN to the Internet.

·       Led project team to develop campus Acceptable Use Policy and Policy on Copyright Law.

·       Assisted in developing campus-wide instructional Computer Literacy program.

·       Taught computer literacy, economic statistics, management information systems and special topic research courses in business administration to graduate students.

Director of Data Processing/Associate Professor of Computer Science (1979- 1984) Johnson C. Smith University (Charlotte, NC)

Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) is an independent, private, coeducational institution of higher education and learning located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  There are over 1500 students and 89 full- time faculty.   JCSU is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)

Planned, organized, actuated, and controlled activities of the Computing Center in coordination with appropriate administrative officials. Screened prospective personnel and supervised all staff in the Computing Center ensuring all efforts were directed toward common goal. Evaluated current and future demands on Computing Center within present confines of personnel, software, and hardware systems. Reviewed new hardware and software, implementing feasibility and cost-justification studies.

·       Established personnel structure for Data Processing Department, defining duties, responsibilities and pay scales.

·       Defined systems structure for existing in-house Student Information System and programmed (COBOL) to maintain and update the system.

·       Obtained federal funding for hardware/software upgrade of IBM System 3 to IBM System 34, relational database hardware and software project and obtained funding for upgrade and conversion of administrative systems to IBM System 38 including personnel position upgrades, training, and restructuring of communications infrastructure on campus.

·       Provided course/workshop in computer literacy for administrators, faculty and staff.

·       Coordinated with faculty and staff for assistance and support in their data processing requirements; with members of the Computer Science Curriculum for effective and efficient utilization of Computer Center services in student instruction.

·       Taught courses in COBOL, BASIC and Operating Systems Concepts in Computer Science Curriculum.

·       Served as member of the Administrative Council, Title IX and Affirmative Action Committee, the Scholarship Committee and the MBRS (Minority Biomedical Research Support) Advisory Committee.

Science Systems Information Analyst (1973-1979) The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD), Research & Development Department (Chicago, IL)  

The MWRD of Chicago Research & Development Department monitors the environmental quality of Lake Michigan, area rivers and canals, and the Illinois River, documents the effectiveness of the District's wastewater treatment program and provides a basis for comparison for the impact of industrial development in compliance with USEPA regulations and policies.

Responsible for providing interface between scientists/administrators and data processing engineering departments; for the update and maintenance of the Fulton County database for analysis and reports to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, United States Public Health Service, United States Geological Survey Office and other agencies as requested.  The Fulton County land reclamation project began in 1971, designated as the “Prairie Plan” aimed at reclaiming abandoned strip mines into agriculturally productive land.

·       Converted (1976-1977) all programs and data files of the Fulton County database from IBM systems (Service Bureau Corporation) to DEC systems (Compuserv); database system to operate on in-house (Engineering Department) DEC minicomputers (1978).

·       Designed, developed, coded, and implemented (with co-analyst) the information system database for the Federal 208 Area Planning study for Illinois that involved inland lakes and Section 314 of the Clean Water Act (Federal Clean Lakes program).

·       Assisted in testing and implementing analytical equipment - specifically the use of microprocessor controlled Technicon Auto-analyzer in cyanide analysis in chemical/technical area.

Post-doctoral work in Information Sciences, Computer Science Program (1971- 1972) Honeywell Institute of Information Sciences (Chicago, IL)

·       Completed studies in programming (Assembler, COBOL, FORTRAN), systems analysis and design, and computer operations and management.

·       Designed, coded (COBOL) and implemented business inventory control system as program project.

Quality Control Analyst (1967-70) Quality Paper Tubing (Chicago, IL.–No longer in existence)

·       Did quality control measurements and statistical reporting for meeting manufacturing tolerances on communications coils and similar products for government (Federal) agencies

Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology (1963-1967) University of Illinois College of Medicine (Chicago, IL)

The University of Illinois College of Medicine offers high-quality education to medical students, graduate students, and graduate physicians and is the largest College of Medicine in the United States.  The Department of Physiology provides instruction and clinical and research experience in understanding the mechanisms by which the living organism maintains a chemical and physical steady state despite diverse external stresses and workloads.

Responsible for instruction and counseling to medical, graduate, dental, pharmacy and nursing students; for sustaining high-level research program with associated grant activity; for participating in and supporting all departmental and interdepartmental activities within College of Medicine; for maintaining and updating analog computer facilities and departmental medical instruction/research library.

·       Supervised and instructed medical students in graduate program to M.S. level in original research programs; counseled graduate and medical students to Ph.D. program.

·       Lectured in physiology to medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy, and graduate students and supervised medical laboratory and conference groups in mammalian physiology.

·       Taught specific courses :

o      “Tactics & Strategy in Science” providing graduate students with a familiarity of  the Scientific Method,

o      “Basic Concepts in Biophysics” providing graduate and advanced medical students with an introduction to physical and mathematical aspects of physiological processes, and

o      “Analog Computer Laboratory” providing faculty, staff, graduate students, bioengineering students, and resident physicians with basic familiarity of the analog computer and its electronic simulation applications in medicine and biology.

·       Managed an Analog Computer Laboratory and Departmental Medical Research & Instruction Library.

·       Pursued an effective research program in cancer research, reporting progress in both the United States & Europe.

·       Served as member of Departmental Graduate Committee for evaluation and acceptance of graduate students, as member of Departmental Medical Teaching Committee (developing and assessing instructional material to medical students), as liaison between Physiology Department and engineering group to establish Biomedical Engineering program, and as Executive Secretary for departmental staff meetings.

Instructor, (1962- 1963); National Institutes of Health (NIH) Pre-doctoral Fellow (1961- 62); Research Assistant (1959- 61) Department of Physiology & Biophysics, University of Iowa College of Medicine (Iowa City, Iowa)

·       Pursued advanced educational degrees (M.S., Ph.D.).

·       Did research in program funded by the United States Air Force studying the effects of radar (microwave radiation) on living systems, on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on growth and survival of cancer cells.

·       Assisted medical, dental, and nursing students in physiology laboratories.

·       Taught full medical physiology program (lectures, conferences & laboratories), with colleague, to nursing and dental hygienist students.

·       Programmed Analog Computer to define and analyze survival patterns of living systems in radiation and cancer research program.

·       Participated in other research programs studying effects of exaggerated environmental agents, such as gravity and temperature, on living systems.

Part-time experience

President (1988-1995) EduTek, Inc. (Charlotte, NC)

EduTek was a full service corporation operating primarily in the Carolinas and provided networking services and installation; equipment and software evaluation, installation and implementation; custom software development, education and training; and technical documentation.

As President, responsible for all administrative activities (corporate by-laws, corporate meeting minutes, legal activities (with corporate attorney); accounting activities (with CPA); personnel management and client relationships, contract agreements and individual projects in programming and education. Clients included Allied Payroll (SC); Carolina Staffing, Inc (SC); Catawba Rehabilitation Services (SC); City of Rock Hill (SC), Health Sciences Division of University of Texas in San Antonio (TX); Medical University of South Carolina; Pony Express Courier Corp of Charlotte (NC); The Tuttle Company, Inc. (SC); Winthrop University Joynes Conference Center and Department of College Relations; York County Natural Gas Authority (SC).

·       Interacted, administratively, with all clients; defined specifications for problem solution. 

·       Developed contracts/agreements and project follow through.

·       Assisted electrical and computer engineer in installation of networks.

·       Programmed data base applications.

·       Developed training documentation and trained clients. 

Consultant (1986-1993) Small Business Development Center (Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC &  Francis- Marion University, Florence, SC).

·       Consulted through these two centers for the SBDC to assist clients in IT needs for starting and sustaining their businesses.

Microcomputer/Communications Specialist (1982-1988)  Shared Data Systems, Inc. (Charlotte, NC)

Shared Data Systems, Inc. provides a full range of business solutions from custom software development to satellite communications.

·       Consulted as microcomputer (maintenance, purchase specification, updates, software installations) and pc communications specialist.

·       Set specifications for, coded and implemented internal department database and Fixed Asset application (DBMS) for Internal Auditor.

·       Planned and assisted in the implementation of an Educational Service Center for internal staff and clients.

Adjunct Professor (1982-1993),  Medical University of South Carolina, Central Piedmont Community College (NC), Limestone College (SC)

·       Taught courses in Biostatistics, Environmental Science for business majors, and programming (computer science).



Graduate: Ph.D. (1963), M.S. (1961) in Physiology (Biophysics research program) from the Department of Physiology & Biophysics at the University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA

 Undergraduate: B.S. (1959) in Physiology (minor: Chemistry) from the University of Illinois; Champaign, IL


·       Cornell University program in Computer Policy and Law (2002, 2000)

·       York Technical College coursework in DEC VAX/VMS (1992)

·       The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Continuing Education program in “The IBM PC in a Network Environment (1985)

·       Digital Equipment Corporation course of instruction in PDP 11/70, RSTS/E, BASIC- PLUS (1977)

·       Honeywell Institute of Information Sciences Computer Sciences Program (1972)

·       Argonne National Laboratory program in Radiation Biology (1963)

Honors & Grants

·       “Certificate of Appreciation” by Amanda L. Moressi, JD of Loyola University School of Law “for support and understanding . . in helping me obtain this important milestone in my life.” (2003) *

·       “Certificate of Appreciation” by Governor Mark Sanford of the State of South Carolina “for your faithful service to the State of South Carolina.” (2003) *

·       “Certificate of Service” by The Handicap Educational Liason Program of Northeastern Illinois University Academic Development for "participating in Mayor Richard M. Daley's Summer Jobs Program" 1999. *

·       “Distinguished Service Award” by the College of Education of Northeastern Illinois University “for Valuable Service in preparation for NCATE/ISBE” (1998) *

·       “Certificate of Service by the State of South Carolina for more than 10 years of faithful and loyal service to the citizens of South Carolina” (1995) *

·       “Best Presentation Award” from The Higher Education Network Association Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC.  October 1994.

·       "Outstanding Leadership as President" award from the Higher Education Network Association (1993)

·       Principal investigator of National Science Foundation (NSF) award for "Connection to NSFNET" (1992/93)

·       "Certificate of Recognition" from CAUSE (The Association for the Management of Information Technology in Higher Education) for service on the Editorial Committee (1988/1991) *

·       Certificate of Recognition from Winthrop College "for outstanding service to Student Employment Program"(1988)*

·       Distinguished Service Award from Winthrop College "for exceptional service . . . in computerizing Winthrop College"(1985/86)*

·       Presidential Citation from Winthrop College for "exemplary service to school and community" (1985/86)

·       "Outstanding Leadership as President" award from the Metrolina Systems Support Group (1985)

·       Johnson C. Smith University Service Award "for services rendered to this organization and its membership" (1984) *

·       Principal director/coordinator of ISATIM (Integrated Systems Approach to Institutional Management) grant from UNCF/Kellog Foundation (1983- 84)

·       Principal director of U.S. Title III Grant for Academic and Administrative Improvement (1979- 84)

·       Principal director of Pew Memorial Trust grant for the enhancement of Academic and Administrative Management through the use of computers (1983- 84)

·       NSF travel stipend to present paper at Second International Biophysics Congress, Vienna, Austria      (1966)

·       Principal investigator of research grant from the Illinois Chapter of the American Cancer Society (1965- 67)

·       Pre- doctoral Fellow from the National Institutes of Health (1961-62)

Community Services & Professional Activities

·       Chicago Public High Schools Student Science Fair, Judge (1998-present)

·       St. Ignatius H.S., volunteer substitute teacher, (1998-present)

·       S.C. Higher Education Network Association (Secretary 1992, President 1993, Board of Directors    1994- 95)

·       CAUSE: The Professional Association for Computing and Information Technology in Higher Education, member of Editorial Committee (1988/91)

·       Metrolina Systems Support Group: IBM midrange computer users group, Institution representative (1979 - 95) , member Board of Directors (1981- 82), Treasurer (1983), Vice- President (1984), President (1985)

·       Charlotte Apple Microcomputer Club, member (1979- 95), vice- president (1982)

·       The Mental Health Association of Mecklenburg County, member volunteer (1982- 95)

·       Harris YMCA, volunteer staff (1992-95)

·       Charlotte's Web FreeNet, volunteer (1994-95), responsible for AUP information

·       York County Hospice (SC), volunteer (1989-92), computing consultant

Professional Society Memberships

·       Association for Computing Machinery

·       Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

·       Biophysical Society

·       Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society

·       Upsilon Pi Epsilon Computing Sciences Honor Society

IT relevant publications & Presentations

Moressi, W.J. and Caplan, R. “The Design, Construction and Implementation of Student/Learner Centered Technology Enhanced Classrooms” Emergent Building Technologies 2002 Conference, Las Vegas, NV [1] .

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Other Publications & Presentations

Wunder, C.C, Cook, K.M., Watkins, S.R., and Moressi, W.J. (1987) "Femur- bending properties as influenced by gravity: V. Strength vs. CA and G in rats exposed for 2 wk."  Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine.

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Moressi, W.J. (1961) Growth and Survival of Fruit Fly Larvae Chronically Exposed to 12.25 cm Microwave Irradiation. M.S. Thesis, Iowa: State University of Iowa, January.

[1]   Paper and presentation accepted for conference; conference canceled resulting from “9/11’ event with World Trade Center.